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17th August
written by Robert

For me, the “Dream Tour” consisted of Pipe, G-Land, Cloudbreak, and Teahupoo. When I began my run on the WCT, I had already crammed in a lifetime full of Lowers and Florida ramps. I only wanted to do one thing—get some big ol’ barrels, and the WCT was my golden ticket to ride the tube. This coming week in Tahiti should see pit after pit tear over this anomaly of a reef pass.

But nothing’s for sure till the storm develops. The swell forecast looks decent right now with multiple pulses in the 4- to- 6-foot range. Surprisingly, at that size the wave favors goofies due to the complexity of the inside shelf. Scary-big is pretty even ground, with regulars able to drag ass as they come out to get that little extra tube time that always seems to make the difference in the judges’ eyes.

I was looking at the Fantasy Surfer dashboard earlier, making my team, and it felt really good to actually consider picking multiple goofies instead of the usual token one or two. It would be downright stupid not to pick a Hobgood or two, and then there are Fred and Bobby, whose past performances put them as must-haves as well. But coming in as terribly low seeds, a world title contender could be sent packing early. Tahiti has always been where the men (AI, Kelly, Mick) pull away from the pretenders.

Here is my FS team:

via Tahiti Preview | SURFER Magazine.



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